We Asked for the 20 and We Got Half of the 10.

I’m sure you’ve heard the news. There will be a female face on the $10 bill by 2020… well, the woman will actually share that spot on the least-used bill with Hamiltion. Whoop-di-fucking-whoo. 100,000 people voted to have a woman on the $20, not half, of the least-used bill. Thanks for nothing, Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew. Thanks for the big, public, slap in the face.

It is just maddening. I cashier at a grocery store, and $20s pass through mine and customers hands like wild fire. Looking in my till I see a constant stack of 20s. The middle slot where 10s are supposed to go is nearly always empty. I used to think that soon, giving back change to a customer would consist of giving them back a Harriet Tubman Twenty.

Having the face of a historical woman on our currency would reflect values in our society and would point to a certain level of mutual respect and value. But now, my heart honestly breaks a little bit every time someone asks for cash back in the form of a Jackson twenty.

Like my friend, Victoria Way, eloquently put it:

“The fact that, if the roles were reversed, men wouldn’t settle for the least used bill but women seem to be adopting the ‘better than nothing’ mentality is so sad.”

Someone else stated: “Placing a woman on a bill with Alexander Hamilton makes the same sexist statement that our currency has made all along—that a woman cannot be independent or important without a man.”

The hashtag #thenew10 is being used to promote the new ten. I say we flood the hashtag with comments like these, and let our opinions be known:

100,000 people voted to have a woman on the 20 and you’re giving us half of the least used bill?! I’m ashamed of my government #thenew10.

On a more positive note, maybe we can keep this sad little offer from Secretary Lew but also push for a woman on the $20 and have two women on currency. But we’ve got to fight for it and have our voices heard.

Check out this New Yorker article for another great summation.

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