“Show me a….”

(Photo from Sportyafros.com)

“Show me a body part, I’ll show you someone who’s making money by telling women that theirs looks wrong and they need to fix it. Tone it, work it out, tan it, bleach it, tattoo it, lipo it, remove all the hair, lose every bit of jiggle…Girls’ and women’s lives matter. Their safety and health and their rights matter. Whether every inch of them looks like a magazine cover? That, my sisters, does not matter at all.”

–Jennifer Weiner

Check out her full article here, titled “Great! Another Thing to Hate About Ourselves
From Sports Illustrated, the Latest Body Part for Women to Fix”

More wise words on the topic:

“Usually, people blame the media, models and Hollywood for portraying an unrealistic body image and making us feel inferior. Yes, that’s true but the other sad truth is that we judge each other harshly everyday…We’re quick to point out if a girl’s arms are ‘too flabby’ for that sleeveless dress or her hair is a mess, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating being unhealthy and unkempt, but fitness and beauty come in all shapes and sizes.” –Whitney from Sportyafros.com

Check out her full article here, titled “Pretty Hurts: Body Image Issues in the Black Community”

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