Pirate Queens

While roaming around Hawthorne Street in Portland, I stumbled on a wonderful coloring book for girls (and boys) in a toy shop. It features female pirates throughout history. It’s pages contain pirates ranging from Artemesia in 480 BCE to Huang P’EI-ME in the 20th century who, at one point, commanded over 50,000 pirates. This is a great book to demonstrate that interesting characters throughout history aren’t just men. But this book isn’t just great for kiddos. It’s also great for adults. As TIME reports, a tremendous amount of adults are getting into coloring books as a means of relaxation. This coloring book has wonderful little blurbs at the bottom of each page so you can also learn about these kick-ass ladies too.

Whether it’s kiddos coloring, or adults, like myself, jamming to music and coloring, this book is fantastic. You can buy the whole book for 4 bucks here at Dover Publications or you can also get it through Amazon. I love supporting books like this because it says “Check it out! Women protagonists doing interesting things in books will sell!”

It’s an engaging alternative to princesses combing their hair.

Just check this book out:

photo 1 copy

photo 3photo 1 photo 2