How to Get Trump Out of Office: The Necessity to VOTE Biden

If you are an informed and compassionate person, chances are, you want trump out of office. You’re angry and saddened at the world he has created. You’re astounded by his stupidity and the way he has torn the country apart. You’re incensed that he has perpetuated the death of thousands and thousands of people, needlessly, at the hands of incompetent leadership during a pandemic. What can you do?

VOTE HIM OUT. Do not abstain from voting just because Biden and Harris are not your favorite. It is your humanly duty (and all of ours!) to vote Biden, in order to get trump out of office, and to get his tiny hands to relinquish the grasp he has on our democracy and well-being.

I cannot believe I even have to state why it is important to vote Biden this November. I have some friends who are going to abstain from voting since Bernie or Warren are not the pick. Are you KIDDING me? These folks, who are very bright, good-hearted, progressive individuals, are gambling our democracy away with their misplaced ethics. I get that they want a better system and want better democrat candidates. So do we all. But you’re not going to get that if our democracy is gone. Allowing trump to stay in office any longer not only threatens democracy, it literally threatens people’s lives: trump’s mismanagement and avoidance of the COVID pandemic has caused thousands and thousands of people to die. The fact that I know people who are even considering not voting for Biden astounds me. Allowing trump to stay in office threatens the planet. The environment is already beginning to collapse because of the climate crisis, and some people are going to sit back and allow a “leader” like trump to dig us deeper into this horrific environmental catastrophe? I’m appalled. If you want a better democracy, you have to VOTE for it. You first have to oust the man causing it’s demise.

VOTE. Not voting for Biden would mean trump is elected again, which would perpetuate the pandemic and further the climate crisis. It would also mean pushing vulnerable populations further into the horrific circumstances trump has perpetuated and created, and would continue to create. It means women, LGBTQ+ and minorities will be further subjugated. THIS CANNOT STAND. We all must band together and vote Biden in order to get rid of trump.

1.) Make sure you are registered to vote at your current address and VOTE.

2.) Have those tough conversations with people who are on the fence. But have those tough conversations with understanding, grit and kindness. I am a firm believer that you CAN change people’s minds by talking to them. In-fact, that is the very way you DO change minds. As long as you’re not doing so with anger, and you know you are speaking the truth with basic kindness, you can and will, change minds.

3.) Donate to Biden and Harris’s campaign. I know they’re not your favorite pick: They weren’t mine. But you know whose worse? trump. So let’s get him out! One way to do that is to help monetarily in any way you can. (I took out a hundred bucks from my savings. That’s a lot for me. But give whatever you can, even if it’s five bucks.) We all know trump is a money-grubbing unconscionable billionaire. So we have to fight money with money. You want to see trump out? Financially support the people (Biden and Harris) who can beat him.

4.) Volunteer somewhere that is working for progress. I’m personally going to find an organization that is helping get people registered to vote.

5.) Help a friend get their ballot or give them a ride to the polls.

6.) Post on social media about your support for Biden. A support for Biden, however begrudgingly, is a direct slap in trump’s pathetic face.

Now is the time for action. We face a crossroads right now as a nation and as a globally connected community: We must, and CAN, vote trump OUT. Our lives, our democracy, and our decency depends on it.

Below is a quote that encapsulates an important point about where we are with politics right now: