Eminem Glorifies Misogynistic Attitudes

Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

If you know anything about Eminem, the headline to this article does not surprise you. But how long do we have to put up with his horrific, violently-misogynistic lyrics?

He recently rapped about raping Iggy Azalea, the record setter for longest run on the Hot 100 for a female rapper.

 “Put that shit away Iggy. You don’t wanna blow that rape whistle on me / Scream! I love it. ‘Fore I get lost with the gettin’ off,'” 

Iggy Azalea had a great response and put him in his place by calling him out on his grotesqueness and even took it a step further by also calling out society for its idolization of misogynistic attitudes. 

It’s deplorable how Eminem has gotten away with promoting and glorifying misogyny and violence towards women in his songs over the years.

He recently threatened Lana Del Ray in a song by saying he would punch her in the face twice like Ray Rice abused his girlfriend.

And, of course, who could forget that famous song in which he talks about murdering his wife, Kim, and takes the listener, step by step, through the process of disposing of her body. Are you kidding me? I’m ashamed to admit I even listened to that song when I was younger. At the time, I was horrified but, after a while, came to accept it. Isn’t that terrifying? That is just proof how pervasive this kind of shit is: it gets under our skin as a people and manifests in real, and scary ways. Rape Culture anyone? 

In a song with Redman, Eminem threatened Christina Aguillera by saying:

“Causin’ terror to Christina Aguilera / When I grab her by the hair and drag her across the Sahara.”

Not only does he promote misogyny to the extreme, his lyrics seek to bring empowered women like Iggy Azalea and Christina Agulairra down and take away their status as important musicians. 

Another ‘gem’ of a lyric from Eminem is one in which he attacked every woman who menstruates by saying:

 “Put Anthrax on a Tampax and slap you till you can’t stand.”

We’re talking about a rapper who has 97 million followers on Facebook, just to give you and idea of how many people are listening to him and taking his ideas into consideration. And he is just one of the many rappers and lyricists who have lyrics that promote intolerance toward all things female. Eminem is a serious glorifier of misogyny and we should not take it anymore.


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Well Said, James Brown

The video is less than 2 minutes long, and very worth while. Check it out: He. Is. Awesome.

James Brown, CBS Sports Commentator said the perfect thing regarding the domestic violence that football player Ray Rice has committed against his partner. He says, in part:

“…this problem is bigger than football. There has been, appropriately so, intense and widespread outrage following the release of the video showing what happened inside the elevator at the casino. But wouldn’t it be productive if this collective outrage, as my colleagues have said, could be channelled to truly hear and address the long-suffering cries for help by so many women? And as they said, do something about it? Like an on-going education of men about what healthy, respectful manhood is all about. And it starts with how we view women.”

Yikes! The Deadline for Comments about Net Neutrality is Today


TODAY is the last day to voice your opinion with the Federal Communications Committee about Net Neutrality. Click below to add a quick comment to send to the FCC.

What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality means everyone has an equal voice on the internet. Attacks on neutrality would mean slow internet for some sites and fast for sites who have the money to pay for faster service. For example, that means PBS or NPR could be very slow and Fox News could be lickety split. if Fox News is faster to load, where do you think a lot of people will go for their news? 

The internet has been a powerful source and tool for women in particular to become empowered and educated about policies and issues that effect them. If net neutrality is compromised, the feminist voice could dissipate into the background, or worse, disappear, because we don’t have the money to keep up a fast internet speed for our readers.

Click here to add a quick comment to send to the FCC.


And, of course, you can also contact your local representatives and demand Net Neutrality.

Flagrant Nude Photos Leak

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Jennifer Lawrence was one of the women who had their photos flagrantly stolen.

Recently, someone hacked into the computers of various actresses, including Jennifer Lawrence, and put their personal nude photos on the internet for all to see. I would just like to compile some quotes of this fantastic article written by Scott Mendelson, contributor to Forbes magazine, who had some insightful things to say about the topic. The title of the article is “Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Isn’t A ‘Scandal.’ It’s A Sex Crime.”



“The theft via cell phone hacking of countless nude photos…of various female celebrities is not a ‘scandal’ to be mocked and teased about as if it were a public wardrobe malfunction or a gaffe…It is a crime that has turned the entire online community into potential peeping Toms with little-to-no accountability for the consumers of said stolen property/invasion of privacy. This is clearly a violation…A woman, be she in the public eye or a private citizen, has a right and privilege to take photos of herself for whatever reason she chooses…I sincerely hope that absolutely none of the victims involved in this current leak takes any form of “responsibility” or apologizes for anything. The victims involved have committed no crime and committed no sin by creating said photos in the first place…the shame of that act should be, nay must be, wholly on the perpetrator of said crime.”


For the full article, click here:



Normalizing Violence Against Women in Video Games

I had no idea the extent of the violent misogyny present in video games until after watching Anita Sarkeesian’s videos. She is a hero for bringing this issue to the forefront. But she continually receives threats from gamers who disapprove of her shedding light on the issue and just recently, was forced to leave her home from online rape and death threats.

After watching Women as Background Decoration Part 1 and 2, videos which point out the violence against women present in video games, I immediately decided this is a problem more people need to be aware of and therefore wanted to write a blog about it. But then I hesitated. I didn’t want to post the video, for fear it would be too graphic for the people that read this blog. But I so strongly believe in illuminating problems so we can eliminate them that I think this is important to share, albeit graphic. Can you believe these kinds of images are so prevalent in video games today? A new study found that 97% of children play video games, and most are able to get their hands on video games such as these that are rated “M” for “mature”.

This footage from popular video games is not suitable for children, or, frankly, for anyone if you really think about it, because it contains graphic depictions about violence against women. Be advised.

Many, many popular video games not only have women characters present in the games who are mere bodies and sexualized objects, but are also characters that are actively violated, raped, dismembered and murdered in the game for no reason and are merely background characters. This is serious shit. People are playing these games everyday. Numerous studies over the years have continually pointed out that routinely seeing women portrayed as sex objects makes people less likely to regard women as important or intelligent, and less likely to protect them from harm. Women themselves internalize the feeling of being an object which leads to depression and other disorders. Imagine what routinely seeing domestic violence, rape and murder of females in video games can do to the psyche and in turn, the impact it has on people in society. For one thing, it can lead to mixing up sexual arousal with violence. This is really scary.

How can video game companies get away with fetishizing murdered female bodies and normalizing sexual objectification and violence against women? This is insane. Especially, as Sarkeesian points out, we’re talking about people consuming violent media messaging about women interactively.

The “Sexy Lie”

I’ve never seen it put so simply and with such empowering routes for change. We could all benefit from understanding this sexy lie and how to change it’s prevalence in our world.

Caroline Heldman, chair of the Politics department at Occidental College, is an incredible speaker and educator. In this Ted Talk, she explains how women and girls are taught to be empowered by sexual objectification, when, in reality, objectification is far from empowering and is in fact detrimental to ones fulfillment and happiness.



The End of Effective Internet Activism?

This is a big deal: the Federal Communications Commission will vote on net neutrality this Thursday. Net neutrality means each site is treated equally, meaning that everyone has a voice on the internet, no matter how much money you have. but if the Open Internet Preservation Act doesn’t get passed it could mean sites with a lot of money could be faster (among other things) whereas activist sites like change.org would be left in the dust since they don’t have big corporations behind them. Writer Alex Wilhelm from TechCrunch put it this way:

“It has always been my view that forcing Internet Service Providers [like Comcast] to treat all content equally is the correct way to ensure that all voices — the new, the established, the next, and the marginalized — have space.”


Some say that if the Open Internet Preservation Act doesn’t get passed, it could potentially be the end of effective women’s rights activism via the internet. And boy has the internet been an important platform for positive change over the last several years. People have been able to come together and organize around important issues and actually get a lot done. For example, internet activists ensured that offensive victim blaming ads were taken down.  They got the  White House to tackle the issue of sexual assault on campuses. They made sure abortion and reproductive rights supporters flooded the Texas capitol when rights were about to be chipped away. Internet activists have become a huge social justice network of people who have organized for human rights and respect and have accomplished a lot.

So internet activism has been pretty dang important. Who would call out big corporations for sexism or other wrong doing if the internet weren’t functioning on a level playing field and if all voices weren’t heard equally?

Contact openinternet@fcc.gov to voice your opinion.


Wilhelm, Alex. “Democrats Introduce Open Internet Preservation Act To Restore Net Neutrality”. Feb 3 2014. Web. May 13 2014.  http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/03/democrats-introduce-open-internet-preservation-act-to-restore-net-neutrality/

Truitt, Joss. “Take Action: The End of Feminist Internet?” May 13 2014. Web. May 13 2014.  http://feministing.com/2014/05/13/take-action-the-end-of-the-feminist-internet/ 




PSA About Sexual Violence

How cool is it the white house is actually taking the rape problem seriously and looking for ways to reduce it?

According to a report by the White House Council on Women and Girls, 1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted in college.

The white house has created a specific task force to reduce sexual violence and is working on boosting federal programs to hold schools accountable for taking sexual violence situations seriously.

After a speech today, here is their new PSA. It’s pretty straight forward and i’d say it’s at least a good start.