SCOTUS Oveturns Roe v Wade

We are in dangerous territory now

The Prodigal Uterus

With the amount of misinformation that is spread about the female body and with forced birthers in the Supreme Court gearing up to get rid of Roe v Wade, I’d like to share some excerpts from the book “Woman: An Intimate Geography.” By Natalie Angier the Pulitzer Prize winning writer and science journalist.

For centuries, the female body has been (often intentionally) clouded in mystery. Hippocrates’ fundamental mistakes in understanding of the female body dictated scientific and medical (mis)understanding of it for years and years. But now, much more is understood. Just for the sake of it, let’s delve into some fun facts and explorations of the female body’s unique internal features, particularly the uterus.

The non-pregnant uterus is about the size of a child’s fist. The ovaries are the size of a strawberry. The clitoris is a complex network, and is like an iceberg in the sense that there is much more below the surface than you can see. (The full anatomy of the clitoris was only “discovered” in 1998.)

In her chapter titled “the Prodigal Uterus” Angier writes, “The war of the womb continues to this day. One of our most bellicose and indefatigable of issues, the abortion debate, distilled to a question of who owns the uterus, woman or fetus (or fetal proxy such as the church or state.)”

“The womb does not define a woman, philosophically, biologically, or even etymologically. A woman does not need to be born with a uterus to be a woman, nor does she have to keep her uterus to remain a woman. We don’t want to fall into the trap of womb-worship, or hope that men suffer from womb envy…Having said all of that, I argue that the uterus was and is a magnificent invention, a revolution in physiology…”

“More recently, the uterus has emerged as a maker as well as a taker. Yes, it responds to steroid hormones from ovaries and other organs, but it also expresses hormones and releases them into the global marketplace of the body. It makes proteins, sugars, and fats… the uterus also fabricates drugs that in other contexts would be illegal. It synthesizes and secretes beta-endorphins and dynorphins, two of the body’s natural opiates and chemical cousins to morphine and heroin.”

“[The uterus] makes anandamide, a molecule almost identical to the active ingredients in marijuana. Until recently, these compounds were thought to be exclusive property of the central nervous system- the brain and spinal cord…The uterus produces at least as much opiate material as neural tissue does, and makes ten times more of the cannabis equivalent than any other organ of the body does.”

In other words, the uterus secretes feel good chemicals and hormones, just like the brain does. How amazing is that?

I haven’t entirely decided what my purpose or my argument in this blog post is other than to exemplify the incredible nature of the female body and to state unequivocally that woman/person with the womb, owns the womb. There is still so much that is unknown about the female body, but at its very simplistic form, woman/ person with the womb, owns the womb. The uterus serves a purpose beyond growing life. It secretes chemicals that are necessary to the well-being of the woman/person with it. We own our wombs. We own our reproduction AND our decision to avoid it. It is a nature-given gift and burden. Let it continue to be our decision to make.

Leaked Supreme Court Opinion Shows They Plan to overturn Roe V Wade: So We Will Protest Nationwide

(I rewrote this post to clarify that they are planning on overturning Roe v Wade, not making abortion illegal across the country. This decision would make it legal to make abortion illegal in states where local legislatures would like to do so, effectively making abortion illegal for millions of people.)

The news first broke with Politico, the evening of May 2nd, 2022 and was quickly shared by other news outlets

News of protests spread rapidly too. The Women’s March posted this ^ to their social media at 11pm, May 2nd 2022
The Denver branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation posted this to their page

We’ve got to show up and protest!

Forced pregnancies and forcing people to procreate affects millions and devastates the planet. Extreme conservative politicians and Supreme Court members like this with uninformed opinions who don’t even represent the people, should not be allowed to serve our country and effect millions of people.

Sister Song shared the immediate impact this would have

Biden needs to sign an executive order codifying Roe V Wade into national and untouchable law. Or, just like Bernie mentioned in his post, democrats must act fast to pass legislation codifying Roe v Wade into law now! They must fight with everything they’ve got! And we must hold them accountable to do so!

Earth Day and the Climate Crisis are not a “Cute” Thing

One thing I hate about the way Earth Day is framed is as though it’s a childish issue. Like, it’s “cute” to care about the planet. Have you noticed this? Little heart shaped cartoon earths smiling. (Instagram’s Earth Day image 2022.) Or in the video Vice President Kamala Harris posted with cutesy music in the background talking to kids about not throwing trash on the ground. This isn’t a new thing: Anecdotally, it appears it’s been framed as a childish thing for a long time and it takes away from the severity of the issue.

Instagram’s Earth Day Image 2022

Our world is burning. We need systemic change and we need corporations, the fossil fuel industry and billionaires to pay up for the damage they’ve caused. We need politicians to actually create real change. The things VP Harris mentions in her caption from her video are something, (electrify school buses, remove lead pipes and improve air quality) but it’s not enough. It’s more lip service than anything.

Politicians need to implement emergency, long lasting POLICY. We need to phase out the fossil fuel industry completely as fast as possible and replace it with renewable energy sources.

We the people need to get angry. We need to fight for a livable planet. Now. We need to support scientists and activists like Peter Kalmus, who went viral recently (on Instagram he goes by climate human.) We need to demand passage of the Green New Deal and we need to protest in the streets.

As I say this, hot wind is raging around my apartment at 7:45pm and fires are raging near my hometown. There is literally no time to waste. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report saying it’s now or never if we are going to stave off disaster. The UN states we are “firmly on track toward an unlivable world.” This isn’t a joke and it certainly isn’t a cute issue. But by all means, bring on the cute heart shaped earths and let just buy more t-shirts that say earthy things.

Its already too late. But we still must take action now. Because it’s a question of not if, but how fast and just how bad we’ll allow it to get.

If you know of protests going on around where you live, message me.

Journey to Where I Am

Dear readers,

I’m going to do something I don’t normally do on this blog: Bring you into my world a bit more. I’d like to share with you something I’m really proud of in the last couple years: My journey to where I am now.

For years, I struggled with a couple of things a lot. Anxiety, back issues and insomnia.

I’m not going to say those things are magically 100 percent erased (especially with that last one, insomnia, given that I am currently writing this at 2:25am from my bed typing into a notes memo 😉) but hot damn if I’m not stoked where I am today.

Lets go back several years. I was in grad school getting my masters in education, living in Montana. Many years had led up to this point but at its worst, it would, on average, take me 7 hours to fall asleep lying in bed at night. Yes. Almost a full length of a days work just trying to fall asleep. I didn’t realize I had insomnia because eventually I would fall asleep even if it was for only a few hours. AND I had always had a tough time falling asleep, even as a baby. It’s just that, gradually, the length of time, or hot water, to use a metaphor, cranked up until I was a lobster in a pot not realizing I was getting cooked alive.

So I went to a doc and she was like “ya brah, duh. You have insomnia.” (In so many words.) So she prescribed Ambien for me. Another year went by, I was still on Ambien but it was no longer working. Needed more. And more. But still wasn’t sleeping.

To add to that simmering water, even before that, before the loose diagnosis of insomnia, I had started having back problems. The first time I threw my back out was when I was working as a cashier at a grocery store doing micro lifts all day long, and, let’s face it, probably lifting the exact wrong way, (you bend, twist, and lift right?) I came home one day, lifted my average-weight-roommates cat and *boop!* threw my back out and was immobile for several days. Yikes. Luckily I had a lovely boyfriend at the time who helped me out.

A few weeks after that, I was walking (or hobbling) up a hill and I saw my shadow and it looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame was creeping up behind me, but no, low and behold, it was me! Yikes. I realized I needed help.

The years past, I went to grad school, (yes, I realize this timeline is screwy. Keep up!) add in chronic severe insomnia (and ambien-uh-oh) and then I’m spiraling into what is supposed to be a career in teaching. I’m doing my practicum observing a high school history class, quiet in the back and hating being there but trying to convince myself I like it, but am feeling a swell of panic and self loathing creeping up into my throat, while keeping a dumb-everything- is-fine smile on my face. I go home and let the panic attack take over. “Wow I hate this.” I think to myself. “NOPE! Push that feeling down. This is your career. You’re meant to make the world a better place and you can’t think of any better way of doing that, so this is what you’re doing Julia!” I keep telling myself, in so many words.

On i trudge down the tunnel of teaching.

I also realize at this point, I’m partying too much. I’m at the same bars with the same people with drinking problems. One night I was having a conversation with my bestie (shoutout to Sydy! Who does not have a drinking problem, by the way.) We were in an alley outside the Badlander Bar (Missoula people, is that still a thing?) and I’m venting to her that “I don’t think I wanna be here.” She opens my mind to, “Well, you don’t have to be. Maybe you need new surroundings.” Simple, right?

She was right. So, I submitted a request to do my student teaching elsewhere and settled in Colorado. Moving to Colorado was good. First step in my journey! But it got worse before it got better.

Flash forward to teaching in Colorado…….I’m going to push fast forward on this part because it is some of the hardest years of my life. I was (and am, I would say) a good teacher. But I was bad at classroom management. Those kids ate me alive, particularly the middle schoolers at this low funded public school.

Couple highlights- Getting called a bitch, a lot, being disrespected by a student saying he was going to “whip his dick out and piss all over this place” me breaking up a fight in the middle of my classroom while the very tall middle schoolers threw punches over my head to try to hit each other with me in the middle, and last but not least, a student briefly setting an outlet on fire in my classroom because she saw it on a Tiktok challenge. Yes, this was my world. Notable mentions- getting panic attacks while lesson planning at home at 4am, realizing the career is not who I am but pushing that feeling far and away. Other shitty feelings: Seeing kids experience poverty, illiteracy, and lashing out at me because things are rough for them at home and me feeling like a fucking failure for being unable to help them, let alone maintain a calm classroom.

Things were rough for other teachers too. I have endless respect for teachers to this day.

A fire burns in me to shout, WE NEED TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM TO SUPPORT TEACHERS MORE. Supporting teachers is often ironically missing in the education debates. See that list I just rattled off? You’re sending teachers into battle everyday.

TWO THINGS: PAY TEACHERS MORE AND MANDATE SMALL CLASS SIZES. Those things will help teachers and help students immensely. I digress……

So- things were rough for me. Meanwhile I had been on and off Ambien (Am I awake or am I asleep?) which really messed with me and I was still throwing my back out frequently.

I took a pause one moment and realized- I’m not doing good. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I need to change myself and what I’m doing. That was the second step in my journey. Simple and unglamorous.

Then I went to therapy. This was a third and perhaps best step y’all! Ten out of ten. Would recommend. (Thanks healthcare, at the time.) In therapy I realized many things. One of which was-I don’t want to be a traditional teacher. And I don’t have to be.

I put in my notice at the middle school in February 2020. You all know what happens next in March 2020…..drum roll please…..

The pandemic hit America. March, Friday the 13th, 2020. (Yes, note the date.) Our school has closed for in-person learning and we must now teach from our laptops at home and not go into the classroom anymore.

I was ECSTATIC. “I dont need to go into that wild-west classroom anymore?!” Praise the universe! Great Goddess I am saved. (The pandemic and fear of that was real and terrifying. But I was so grateful to not be thrown into that classroom anymore, I have to admit.)

After teaching I had NO clue what my next step was going to be career-wise but I felt light as a feather. I felt like someone’s heavy boot had been lifted off my chest. I was free to do whatever and be whatever the hell I wanted. I took the pressure off myself and all of a sudden the world was mine.

Here we go guys, the good part! I moved to Denver into a renovated garden level apartment below my friends, volunteered for Girls Rock music camp, and walked around the city, feeling like a happy go lucky kid, open heart bursting with the feeling that something good was finally on the way.

I then got a job I never in a million years knew existed which was working at a music store running a lessons department. And I found my passion. Suddenly I was surrounded by blaring music, weirdos, and laughter. On one of my first days, my co-worker rounded the corner with a tambourine and did this funky dance waving that tambourine around and then said “we’re all a little crazy here!” And my heart settled and I thought “Ah. I fit in here. This is my place.”

My anxiety subsided because I was finally doing something authentic to myself and for which I was really good at (top ranked.) I began tackling my insomnia (which I no longer struggle with, more-so, harness, with different methods. (Hit me up if you want tips on tackling insomnia. Hint: no more Ambien.) I have lessened the back issues by seeing a good chiropractor who set me straight when I needed it most. I exercise and stretch everyday and, this is perhaps the biggest one with my back: I realize my back issues are related to my emotional state. Look up a book called “Healing Back Pain” for info about how majority of back issues are caused by tension and pent up anger.

Also, I am working on being present in the moment which has helped me immensely. Oh yeah, and I breath more. Do you ever realize you’re holding your breath and you didn’t even realize it?

I have a couple philosophies or mantras that have helped my mental state in so many ways:

1. I’m doing good-this one helps me because I am an overachiever and way too hard on myself. Or should I say, I used to be!

2. Be myself and have some fun with it

3. Focus on my well-being (which will also help me help others)

4. Follow what makes me excited

That last one I took from a book I highly recommend called “Follow Your Dharma.” Finding your calling is something we all deserve. And the world deserves a happy, healthy us, stepping into our power, into ourselves, to make the world a better place in our unique, distinct, dharma way.

With this journey, I feel like I am stepping into the person I want to be. And going the places I want to go. I’m playing more music, guitar, piano and drums, I can clock out at the end of a work day, a game changer. I have more mental space to be with friends and family, I drink less, my back feels so much better and I feel incredible joy each day. Wow. I feel lucky.

Well dear readers! That was a long one. If you made it to the end of this odyssey that is me these last couple years, thanks for reading. That was cathartic to share. If I can leave you with one thing: I am so glad I risked it being myself and actually listened to my heart. I’m so much healthier and happier than I was before.

Rock on,