Paid Maternity Leave: U.S Still Does Not Require it

Just a reminder that this is a thing: “The United States is one of only eight countries, out of 188 that have known policies without paid [maternity] leave.” (New York Times) Employers may provide paid maternity leave, but it is not a guarantee nor a mandate. Three states do ensure paid maternity leave: California, New Jersey and Rhode Island, but other states do not require it. So… You could have a baby and have to leave for work the next day if you cannot afford unpaid time off. Seems harmful not only to the baby but for the mother who would certainly need some recovery time. Don’t you think our country would thrive better if mothers had a chance to take care of their children when they are first born? And fathers too! We need paid maternity leave AND paid paternity leave. Parents being able to afford to take time to be with their new born seems like a no-brainer to me, especially when the rest of the world is already on board. Paid Maternity Leave Worldwide Map-U.S Has No Paid Maternity Leave .png

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