We Need to Wake Up about Climate Change and Actually Do Something

What do you think it will take for people to wake up, before we completely destroy our planet? Will it take more fires like these? (Below) Will it take us fighting over drinking water like we do oil right now?

We all need to wake up and we need to pass policies that will force us to switch to renewable energy. Things like recycling everyday won’t do it.

This, below, is what we are living in, in Montana right now. This is our reality. In Missoula, we live and breath in smoke. Our valley is covered in clouds of smoke for months on end, and it is getting worse. Temperatures rising due to climate change mean fiercer, stronger forest fires. And that’s just one aspect of climate change. Some summers, ash rains down, covering our cars and dusting our tiddy-little-lawns. The air quality is deemed “dangerous” by federal agencies. We are already living in the time climatologists have warned us about.

One thought on “We Need to Wake Up about Climate Change and Actually Do Something

  1. Thank god there is people who actually think about the problem. It will take time, a lot. But you know what? I believe that us, the ones who are aware of the problem and live in a sustainable and renewable way yet, one day when the earth will be dying, we will be the only ones who will survive because we know how to live. Of course we need to spread the word but (with trump as best example) if people are so stupid to not believe CC with all the proofs they are given, let them be stupid and pay the consequences. At the end the one who really pays is the planet. I know it hurts watching species and lands fade away cause of these humans. Continue to spread the word!!

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