Standing Rock Water Protectors: Thank You

Water protectors are still standing strong in Standing Rock, despite the horrific violence they have faced from the beginning. They have been protecting the water source in North Dakota which is at risk of being contaminated by a pipeline that would run through the Missouri river. The water protectors have been peacefully protesting, praying, and taking a stand, for the sake of ALL of us and the future of our water and planet.

Photo credit: Jenni Monet for The PBS NewsHour

Tribes across the country, many that used to be enemies, have banded together and we need to make sure we continue to show our support, especially on a day like Thanksgiving, which has controversial beginnings to say the least. On Sunday night, the violence against water protectors escalated to an even worse level where law enforcement launched water canons onto the people in frigid temperatures and many were severely hurt.

We need to move away from fossil fuels. We need a carbon tax. And we need to stand with Standing Rock. The water protectors there are leading the way for a better future and we need to follow suite. This is not just about North Dakota. This is far bigger than one place.

The Water Protectors are fighting for our human rights to basic access to clean water and I hope to join them over there soon because I am truly and immensely grateful for them. 

(You can donate to the cause following this link if you feel so inclined.

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