“Make rape legal” and Other Hate-Speech

Friends: I am truly scared for our future. As a female, I am worried for myself and ALL my fellow females. Trumps election has given validity and voice to people like this guy: Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh wants to make rape legal. Guy friends and gal friends alike, please continue to stand up for women, even when we’re not there, and ensure our basic human rights are not robbed from us. Even the idea of people, like this man, being supported by others is terrifying. Dear God, women are people, I don’t see how hard this concept is for people like him, and we don’t deserve to face violent sexual acts. I cannot even put into words what it means to be devalued to such a degree and most men are nowhere near OK with this man’s ideologies. Valizadeh, as reported by the Rawstory, posted a slew of garbage. Here is a piece of what he stated:

“I’m in a state of exuberance that we now have a President who rates women on a 1-10 scale in the same way that we do and evaluates women by their appearance and feminine attitude… We now have a President who will not encourage anti-male propaganda, rape culture, and female victimhood…Because our current cultural dystopia is the result of intense long-term manipulation, it is more than enough for Trump to simply not touch the gender issue to allow the culture to return to a more patriarchal order. Stop feeding the rot and it will die off, allowing biology to naturally reassert itself.” -Roosh V.

This is a seeming declaration of male superiority over the female of the human species: “Return to a more patriarchal order.” It is a blind misunderstanding of how society actually is and it is a disgusting statement validating the absurd idea that women are things. This hate-speech cannot and should not be tolerated. And yet we have a presidency that has enabled these kind of attitudes to squirm their way to the light of day.

The president elect has also said he will elect certain men to office, men who promote and are sympathetic to white supremacists and anti-feminists. Just look at Mike Pence and Steve Bannon for a start. Steve Bannon particularly promotes the “alt-right” agenda, which we know rhymes with “third-reich.” Just look at a recent meeting of “alt-right” and “white-nationalists” where they saluted the president elect saying, “Hail Trump” and promoted “peaceful ethnic cleansing.” This time in American history truly is a scary moment, particularly for women, and particularly scary for women of color, and we cannot take to the sidelines.

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