Way to Go, Senator Jon Tester!!

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In times like these, I think it’s especially important to draw attention to the men and women standing up for women: Hurray for Jon Tester! He has been a Montana Senator advocating for women’s rights for many years! He is, and has been an outspoken supporter and general wonderful individual representing Montana and we appreciate him.

What if there was a word for when you peruse the internet and leave comments of support for people and counteract people’s ignorance and hatred with kindness? As you may know, the definition for an online troll is, “to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content.” What if we did the opposite and provided information? A woman left a comment on Jon Tester’s Facebook status saying she supports Trump and proclaiming that Hillary Clinton’s husband “raped” Monica Lewinski, which, as we know, is incorrect, because Lewinski has stated herself it was consensual. My first response was to say something angry to this commenter. But then, instead, I acknowledged her heart going out to a potential rape victim but then accompanied with a legit source with facts. I think, by coming from a place of support and understanding, words will sink in more, and hopefully we can help create informed opinions.

 I’m not sure whether or not my response did any good, but I’d rather be a voice of support and information, than say nothing. What would be a word we could adopt for the opposite of trolling? A word for spreading knowledge, not through anger, but through support and kind words? 

One thought on “Way to Go, Senator Jon Tester!!

  1. I’m with you, John Tester is did a great service by making a statement on this. I don’t know that we can change anyone’s mind, but I do appreciate the minds that recognize that we talk about women matters.

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