Hidden Messages in Children’s Items

While teaching a class about gender equity today, my students examined these pictures of sexism in toys and apparel, and analyzed how they are problematic. I find them hilariously bad. And yet, because we are surrounded by images, shirts, and toys like these, it becomes a part of our culture and becomes a part of our mindset that girls are apparently not good at math, or should be scrubbing dishes while the men have fun, or that girls should only ascribe to be beautiful or date someone who is a hero. These detrimental images surround us. There are much better ways marketers could accomplish sales, don’t you think?

What do you notice about these images?

Photo credit: JuliaView 
Photo credit: Thealternative.in
Photo Credit: Canadian Press 
Photo credit: Alanabeeblog


Photo credit: Lettoysbetoys.org.uk. 


Photo credit: Boingboing 
Photo credit: Huffington Post
Photo credit: NYU employee Jason U. Evans


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