About the Author

Photo credit: Art and photo by Julia View

Julia is a traveler and a truth seeker. She is an avid writer and researcher, works for the university where she also studies, and has spent years examining society. When she is not working, or studying for her Masters, she is out in the outdoors or playing music with her chick-band.This blog is a labor of love, and it is her passion in life to bring to light issues relating to women’s rights and justice. Even in the U.S, we still have far to go: But when women are empowered, everyone benefits.

3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. thanks for your blog. please study and share about forced infant circumcision: http://www.intacthumanity.org ..,no im not advertising for money just to get more involved in protecting the rights of the innocent babies and mothers who are conned into this form of institutionalized child abuse…we need more women and everyone to raise their voices on this please share if you feel the same.

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