Remember this?

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On the left you can see the usual Barbie and on the right you can see what Barbie would look like with real life, average woman proportions. I prefer the the real-life one on the right for two big reasons: One, it doesn’t set little girls up for failure thinking they fail if they don’t add up to the teensie-tiny proportions of the doll they’re playing with on the left. But two, I also prefer the one on the right because it just looks better, don’t you think? Doesn’t the one on the left look alien next to the one on the right?

Also, have you seen this yet? This woman makes dolls that girls like playing with, because they look like them and are natural. She revamps old Bratz dolls and has gotten a ton of media attention because she, unintentionally, has brought attention to the hyper-sexualization of children’s toys. I find this project encouraging because it promotes natural beauty and is also environmentally responsible because she reuses old dolls that have been tossed out. I’m also glad that it appears she sustains ethnic diversity within them too. Plus, this family is just adorable. Check it out:

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