Predatory Frat Banners

You’ve probably heard about the Fraternity at Old Dominion University In Norfolk, Virginia, that was suspended over banners they posted outside their house. Can you guess why they were suspended?

Fraternity at Old Dominion University, Virginia. (Photo credit: Mary Coleman, Jezebel)

My friend Samantha Buechler poignantly said it best:

“TW: rape, coercion, fraternity, objectification
Gross. Obsessively targeting young women who just (or, in a PREDATORS terms, “finally”) turned 18 is still really filthy and PREDATORY.
Not to mention the fact that these sexual PREDATORS are still referring to these young women as “babies” and have completely chosen to disregard their personhood and autonomy. Instead, they are considering these young women to merely be the property of one man (a father) who can be transferred to become the property of other men (the fraternity). It is crude objectification and demonstrates the patriarchal/hierarchical structures that fraternal communities thrive on.
It is disgusting and they should be removed from the University entirely.”

Below is another picture, of yet another Fraternity banner with the same message. We shouldn’t have to put up with this. It’s maddening.

Photo credit: Total Frat Move

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