Yay for Equal Responsibility for Reproduction! It Takes Two to Tango and Guys Want Options for Contraception Too

Photo credit: Telegraph.co.uk


Research shows that at least half of men would like to take a male birth control pill, if it were available. And guess what? It’s looking like that will be a reality very soon. Even better still, it’s a non-hormonal pill, so it wouldn’t screw with their hormones. (Unlike women’s birth control.)

And to even top that, there is a method soon to be available called Vasalgel, (you might remember reading about it on this blog) which is a pain-free, cheap, effective, and completely reversible, one-time injection that makes sperm non-viable, so there is still ejaculation, but no baby-making sperm happening.

Here are just some of the options that are being studied and researched and could be available soon. Vasalgel is said to be available between 2018-2020.

Options will soon become available for guys, and it’ll be a game changer.

I wonder…When contraception is available for men too, and men are permitted to partake in family planning, I wonder if people will stop trying to take it away, like they have when women have been the main people responsible for reproduction… I sure hope it won’t be so contested as women have had to endure. Family planning has a positive ripple effect on everyone.

Read a whole article about the male contraception methods soon to be available at telegraph.co.uk. 


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