Why Aren’t We Marching For Unarmed, Black Women Too?

(Photo credit: Seen.co)

Why haven’t we taken to the streets when unarmed, black women have been shot and killed, like Rekia Boyd? Boyd was shot in the back of the head and killed by a policemen in 2012. And the officer was dismissed of all charges. Other unarmed women of color who have been fatally shot by police include Shantel Davis who was killed at age 23, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, killed at age 7, and Kendra James, killed at 21.

Read a whole article about it on mic.com here.

“‘As a black woman, these moments remind me that I live in a society and work in a movement that insists on prioritizing the lives of black men over women,” Nakisha Lewis, a strategist and organizer with Black Lives Matter NYC, told Mic.“There is a special gut-wrenching pain that is present when the victim is a black woman, because their deaths will go unnoticed by the general public. And there will be no protests nor national vigils in their honor.’

(excerpt from “This Unarmed Black Woman Was Shot By Police, So Why Aren’t We Marching For Her?”  Moore, Darnell, L.. Mic.com April 2015, Web 2015.)

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