#Questionsformen Provides Fresh Perspective

Check out this thought provoking topic that has gone viral on the internet. #Questionsformen on twitter draws attention to the casual sexism women face everyday by comparing it to what men experience. It offers a fresh perspective on how seemingly simple daily occurrences have a deep impact on women’s equality.


The questions often draw attention to the absurdity of how women’s lives are controlled. Like this question:

#Questionsformen: “Would u be comfortable w only women weighing in on the debate about your [re]productive organs? Or proposing policy/law re: it?” -HerGourdliness

Or these questions that draw attention to the one-sided viewpoints we’re surrounded by that are presented as un-biased.

“#Questionsformen: “Are you able to watch shows with more than two men on the panel without it being dismissed as a men’s show?” -Laura Hartnell

#QuestionsForMen “Have you ever read a thinkpiece by a respected female writer explaining why and how men aren’t funny?” -Clementine Ford

Very thought provoking.

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