2385505299_8fdb298daa1You may be wondering, what’s at stake in the primaries this Tuesday November 4th? Well, across the nation, issues like reproductive rights, marriage equality and education are at stake, just to name a few, and it’s your vote that decides who will make these decisions for you.

So google your politicians! See where they stand and vote.

Don’t know where to vote or who to vote for? To find our where to cast your ballot in your area and find info about each candidate and all the ballot measures in your district, click this easy link in blue. (No personal info of yours will be shared.) 

Voting is insanely crucial, even in primaries like this one coming up this Tuesday, Nov. 4th. We could use a little more balance in politics.

As a writer from Ms. Magazine pointed out:

“Women make up less than a quarter of Congress and hold five governorships, ranking us behind Afghanistan, Cuba and Saudi Arabia. At the current rate, women won’t reach political parity until 2121!” (O’Neil, 2014)

And, to end this article, I’d like to add this video. Although I’m not a huge fan of Lil Jon, this video is pretty awesome.




1.) O’Neil, Terry. “Your Vote is Your Voice.” Ms. Magazine, Sept 2014. Web. Nov 2014.

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