Yikes! The Deadline for Comments about Net Neutrality is Today


TODAY is the last day to voice your opinion with the Federal Communications Committee about Net Neutrality. Click below to add a quick comment to send to the FCC.

What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality means everyone has an equal voice on the internet. Attacks on neutrality would mean slow internet for some sites and fast for sites who have the money to pay for faster service. For example, that means PBS or NPR could be very slow and Fox News could be lickety split. if Fox News is faster to load, where do you think a lot of people will go for their news? 

The internet has been a powerful source and tool for women in particular to become empowered and educated about policies and issues that effect them. If net neutrality is compromised, the feminist voice could dissipate into the background, or worse, disappear, because we don’t have the money to keep up a fast internet speed for our readers.

Click here to add a quick comment to send to the FCC.


And, of course, you can also contact your local representatives and demand Net Neutrality.

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