Flagrant Nude Photos Leak

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Jennifer Lawrence was one of the women who had their photos flagrantly stolen.

Recently, someone hacked into the computers of various actresses, including Jennifer Lawrence, and put their personal nude photos on the internet for all to see. I would just like to compile some quotes of this fantastic article written by Scott Mendelson, contributor to Forbes magazine, who had some insightful things to say about the topic. The title of the article is “Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Isn’t A ‘Scandal.’ It’s A Sex Crime.”



“The theft via cell phone hacking of countless nude photos…of various female celebrities is not a ‘scandal’ to be mocked and teased about as if it were a public wardrobe malfunction or a gaffe…It is a crime that has turned the entire online community into potential peeping Toms with little-to-no accountability for the consumers of said stolen property/invasion of privacy. This is clearly a violation…A woman, be she in the public eye or a private citizen, has a right and privilege to take photos of herself for whatever reason she chooses…I sincerely hope that absolutely none of the victims involved in this current leak takes any form of “responsibility” or apologizes for anything. The victims involved have committed no crime and committed no sin by creating said photos in the first place…the shame of that act should be, nay must be, wholly on the perpetrator of said crime.”


For the full article, click here:



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