IMG_3503The girls of my dorm threw me a surprise party! I’m going to miss these girls like crazy. They lured me away from the dorm under the guise that a co-worker needed me “urgently” and when I got there she and some students were painting their nails. “Well this sure looks urgent!” So I got my nails painted a nice sparkly purple and when I walked back to my dorm all the girls were convening in the living room space clapping and singing something in Kinyarwanda and they had a table set up with biscuit crackers with juice in cups and music was playing. Isn’t that awesome?! They then each took turns saying what they liked about me being here and what they’re going to miss. I brought out the little card I had made them and we had a mini dance party. The girls are crazy-awesome dancers. I usually ask them to show me dance moves but I usually fail miserably. I do have to admit though, they are either jokingly impressed by my moonwalk or genuinely impressed. Either way, it’s fun. So we had a great time jamming out but then, one of my students ran up to me saying “Hurry Ms. Julia, someone fainted outside and she’s not doing good!” Yikes. So I ran outside to see one of my students lying on the grass in the arms of several students. But then a smile spread across her face and to my right, out of no-where, the girls appeared with a bucket of water and dumped it over me! They got me good. After the first bucket came a second and a third and there was awesome laughter all around as they continued to dump water over each other and me. So much fun! These girls are just the best. I’m always going to carry them in my heart and remember what wonderful young women they are.

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