IMG_0984Ya know, it’s fitting that halloween is coming up because it looks like I’m already starting to celebrate the spooky celebration: Today i accidentally terrified some children in the village. Who knew “boo!” could be so scary. I guess coming from a strange white person it is quite scary. I went for a jog along a winding dirt path up a hill past houses and fields under wisps of pink sunset and some adorable kids starting following me as they frequently do. So here I am taking my time and i decide to slow to a jog, looking behind me to smile and wave back to the kids who run up to me giggling with big smiles across their little faces. They usually shout “GOOD MORNING!” no matter the time of day and this evening is no exception.Or they wave and say “komera!” which is a greeting that means something similar to “you are strong/stay strong!” So i did the usual “good morning, komera” thing but i felt like shaking it up. So I flipped around and said “boo!” i had a smile on my face to show them i was joking but i think that might have made it all the more creepy for them because they genuinely recoiled in fear and ran away as fast as they could. Whoops! I tried to show i was joking with gestures and they returned to saying “komera” but lets be honest; that was awkward.IMG_0978

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