I know that Africa is known for it’s beautiful, harmonic singing, but wow: the girls here have amazing voices. I attended their church service today and was very moved. Their voices came together seamlessly with unmatched beauty. Their melodies, sung in Kinyarwanda, would often end in a steady octave that hummed around the big, open community center and the whole procession was lead by the girls, a testament to their great leadership. One of the girls that sat down next to me and translated a few things here and there. Several of the girls who spoke in front described their immense gratitude for their education and I felt so glad that, even in a small way, I am a part of that.

I haven’t started the extra circular activities of sports and yoga yet but believe it or not, I am now teaching Spanish here. So many of the girls expressed such an interest in having a Spanish club that it looks like that is what I’ll be doing. My first class/club was yesterday. Teaching in a classroom where students are leaning their heads in to listen and absorb their education is quite something. I get the idea that these girls are really going places.

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