Moto Taxi!!

Moto taxis. So much fun! A moto taxi is a motor-cycle-scooter that you hop on the back of and take a bumpy, crazy ride through a small village or all the way to Kigali if you want. Last night was an interesting adventure. My fellow Muzungu volunteers and I (Muzungu means foreigner or white person) were heading back from a town called Nyamata and were taking moto-taxis back to the school. My driver liked the gas pedal. A lot. Bumps or rocks on the road? No problem. Minimal visibility considering it’s getting dark and his helmet visor is blurry? Nah, no prob. His passenger’s buddies have been left in the dust as we speed into the darkness? Hakuna matata. (not Kinyarwanda, but Swahili for no worries. Good ol’ Lion King teaching us things.) So here we are, speeding away and i’m holding onto my giant helmet that’s getting ready to slide off my head like butter while my other hand is gripping my seat with eagle-like talons and I realize we are not heading towards the school. And also, where are my Muzungu buddies? Uh oh. We arrive all the way into the center of the village. There has been a miscommunication. How am i going to communicate where to go? And how do we get there? IMG_0975We pull over beside the open-air market that is usually bustling with people picking out papayas and bananas but which is now silent with nightfall and I make it clear to the driver this is not my intended destination. I also get it across that it would help to find my friends. So we turn around and head back into the dark the way we came, while I point at each Moto Taxi and say “Muzungu?” and the driver and I each agree “Nah” when we see it is not Ada or Jenny. “Muzungu?” “Nah.” “Muzungu?” “Nah.” But soon we do find the right road into the rural area where the Gashora Academy awaits and all is fine and dandy.

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