Le Path

942980_462579000493252_451867396_nMy bags are packed. Tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to go work at an empowering girl’s school in Africa. I feel humbled. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to pursue my passion in life. I think any person who is able to do what they love, like a painter putting color to canvas, knows the contentment I’m talking about. Constantly striving towards doing something you’re passionate about and then finding the right outlet for that life passion, for that moment in your life, is like sitting under a Bodhi tree. Who knows how it’ll turn out, but simply seeing the opportunity get closer and closer is like riding the train to Oz. The Emerald City. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t achieved anything yet, it’s just that simply having the opportunity to pursue something meaningful for women’s rights means the world. Having the opportunity to pursue my dreams seems to justify that what I would like to do may just be worthy of coming to fruition after all.

I really don’t know what to expect when I get to the Gashora Girls Academy. But as a wise and unlikely source once said, “May you find the path which will lead you to the highest and truest of yourself.” That phrase may have come from a cheesy, hippy-dippy calendar, but wow if it isn’t honest. That path is what I think we’re all looking for. That friggin’ yellow brick road to the Emerald City where you can foster your courage, open your heart and utilize your brain. For whatever the experience has in store for me, I look forward to learning and contributing what I can.

One thought on “Le Path

  1. I am so very, very, proud of you! Find something special to remember each day by, smiles, sunrises, hugs, new friends…, Safe travels, lots of love, Aunt Kathy

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