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   Welcome to the blog about my women’s rights endeavors. My first written endeavor will be quite the adventure and will span a fantastic length of time. In just a few weeks I’ll be going to Africa where I’ll be working at a girl’s school in Gashora, Rwanda. As you may know, empowering girls and women through education is one of the best ways to reduce global poverty and an essential tool in social and economic growth. Every person, every woman, deserves the right to an education. The school where I’ll be working allows girls from every kind of background the often unlikely opportunity to use their minds. They focus on math, science, english and leadership skills so that they can follow their own, unhindered path.

Those of you who know me know exactly why I’m so excited about going to volunteer at the school. Women’s rights, woot woot! But firstly it will be a time to learn and listen and get to know the culture and the country. So I would like to absorb the knowledge of Africa like the dry earth in the rainy season and from there I can reach new horizons. So here’s to Africa and to the journey that awaits.

Murakoze cyane,


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